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Corporate Identity

“ Everlasting memories, the essence of your marriage encapsulated. The blue sky, the clouds, all fluffy and soft, almost dreamlike. Being up on cloud nine; feeling weightless and carefree. It is surreal and fills you with happiness. That is what we aim to capture.”

Our brand portfolio

We have a considerable bank of knowledge and know-how to achieve consistent results over an array of market segments. We believe our experience and exemplary track record will benefit a client from any industry and suit your specific requirements. If you have a project and wish to work with any of our brands, please get in touch. We definitely want to hear from you.
Brand Portfoilo
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Our Chief Photographer

Alex believes that photography is borderless and holds no racial, cultural, religious or language barrier. In his words; he aims “To make the world a better place thru photography.”

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Some articles written by us and for us.

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